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March issue of Methodist Newsletter published

The March issue of the Methodist Newsletter has just been published and is currently being distributed.

Faith in Ireland with my ‘big colourful family’

Ngozi Ohoka from Blanchardstown Methodist Church in Dublin is a writer who has penned two books. She first came to Ireland with her husband in 2000 and, in the February issue of the Methodist Newsletter, she shares a bit about her early life in Nigeria and the importance of the family unit, her unwavering faith and making the difficult transition to a cold Ireland.

February 2021 Newsletter now published

The February issue of the Methodist Newsletter has now been published and is being distributed to agents.

Pebble art project benefits Tanzanian appeal

Sonia Bell from Finaghy Methodist, Belfast spotted a framed pebble art picture in a shop window and had been amazed by the price tag. ‘Imagine! £40 for a handful of pebbles, a twig, some card and a simple frame!’

Later that day, she and her daughter, Rebecca, gathered stones on a beach near her parents’ house. ‘It really added interest to our walk, picking out some of the smooth pebbles and bits of driftwood lying there in the sand.’ They arrived home and in next to no time the beach pebbles had been transformed into three penguins, just like the ones in the shop.

Fast forward a few weeks and Rebecca was bringing her pebble art picture into school. The pupils in her class needed to decide on a project for the Young Enterprise NI’s Business Beginning programme. This scheme is designed to encourage children to think about what it takes to be enterprising in life and prompts them to come up with products which they then promote and sell. Rebecca told her peers how simply and cheaply pebble art pictures could be made. She was persuasive and indeed her pebble penguins spoke for themselves. A vote was taken and the ‘Wee Rock – bringing nature inside’ project was born.

There followed happy, busy months of gathering natural materials, creating, gluing, framing, promoting and selling to family and friends, with Rebecca at the forefront of a production line that frequently spilled over from the classroom onto Sonia’s dining-room table. Then came a sale in the city centre. The pricing team had worked out that the pictures could be made for £5.00 and the general public proved more than willing to part with £8.95 for them. The judges were impressed too – and the ‘Wee Rock – bringing nature inside’ project won their top award for the best trading business. Cue for a celebratory class outing on the proceeds!

But the demand didn’t go away. Orders for pebble art continued to flow in. Not wanting to give any more class time to it, Rebecca’s teacher suggested to Sonia that she might like to go on producing pictures in aid of a good cause….which Sonia was happy to do. So, the production line on the dining-room table continued. ‘Sometimes I worked alone, and at other times family and friends joined in. People dropped by and just stayed to help.’ The pictures kept selling and a cheque for hundreds of pounds was presented to the church’s Tanzania appeal.

Read more in the February issue of the Methodist Newsletter.

January Methodist Newsletter published this week

A ‘new look’ January Methodist Newsletter is being published this week and should be distributed from Thursday/Friday.

Plain and Simple

After the ‘Meeting’

As I knock at the door of the small house in rural Indiana, a man with a luxuriant, untrimmed silver beard, and dressed in black trousers, waistcoat and white grandfather shirt appears in the small hallway. Beside him is a woman in a long print dress; hair, parted in the middle, is covered by a pleated muslin cap. We stand gazing at each other for a timeless moment; suddenly manners reasserted, we exchange warm handshakes as Lee and Renee welcome me, to their home – and to their world.

This was the first of several visits, and my focus was to gain an understanding of a ‘Plain’ community, the Old German Baptist Brethren (OGBB), a small group, found largely in rural America.

The beginning of a fascinating article by Dr Tony Walsh on a group of American Christians who largely eschew the modern world and attempt to live by biblical principles. The full text will be available in the January issue of the Methodist Newsletter.

December issue of the Methodist Newsletter

The December issue of the Methodist Newsletter is currently being printed and will be delivered from Thursday this week.

Obeying Old Testament Law

The Ten Commandments

Why do we obey some of the Old Testament Laws, such as the Ten Commandments, but ignore others, such as killing murderers, witches, idolaters and rebellious sons? The Rev Dr Jim Williamson tackles thissubject in the first of a series of articles in the December issue of the Methodist Newsletter.

Inappropriate advertisements

The Methodist Newsletter website is a free wordpress site and part of of its being free means that wordpress can place advertisements on it. This in practice does not happen very frequently but one ad was recently reported which was certainly not in keeping with our ethos. We are currently in the process of changing our website and hope that in future no such ads appear again.

November issue of the Methodist Newsletter now published

The November issue of the Methodist Newsletter has now been published and is currently being distributed. Most agents should get their copies over the next few days.