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December issue of the Methodist Newsletter

The December issue of the Methodist Newsletter is currently being printed and will be delivered from Thursday this week.

Obeying Old Testament Law

The Ten Commandments

Why do we obey some of the Old Testament Laws, such as the Ten Commandments, but ignore others, such as killing murderers, witches, idolaters and rebellious sons? The Rev Dr Jim Williamson tackles thissubject in the first of a series of articles in the December issue of the Methodist Newsletter.

Inappropriate advertisements

The Methodist Newsletter website is a free wordpress site and part of of its being free means that wordpress can place advertisements on it. This in practice does not happen very frequently but one ad was recently reported which was certainly not in keeping with our ethos. We are currently in the process of changing our website and hope that in future no such ads appear again.

November issue of the Methodist Newsletter now published

The November issue of the Methodist Newsletter has now been published and is currently being distributed. Most agents should get their copies over the next few days.

Equipping for Life

Equipping for Life is faith-based ministry which has been working on the Shankill Road in Belfast since October 2018. It sprang from a vision given to Brother David Jardine to encourage Church people and others to give their services free of charge to serve people in areas which are disadvantaged and may have suffered a great deal during the Troubles. The place where we are getting most opportunities is in schools, taking children for reading. By the time of lockdown in March 2020 we had 132 Volunteer Tutors going in to 15 schools, not just on the Shankill, but also in Rathcoole, Monkstown, Lisburn, Taughmonagh and the Ardoyne. We also have plans to open up in East Belfast, Downpatrick and Rostrevor, as soon as current circumstances permit. Volunteers go into schools in groups of six or eight for an hour every week. Each of them takes two children for half an hour each. The children love this one to one attention. Indeed, a teacher said to me that this may be the only half hour in the week when children get the undivided attention of an adult.

The full article will be published in the November issue of the Methodist Newsletter.

Expect October issue of Methodist Newsletter from Monday 28th October

I hope that most of you will now have received your September Methodist Newsletter, which was delayed for a week because of a breakdown in the printing machine. Unfortunately just as the October issue was to be printed, the printers themselves went into liquidation. New printers have been found, but this change has resulted in, again, a slight delay. Please bear with us, as it has been quite a difficult job to keep going, but we hope we’ll be sailing on clearer water from this point forward.

Peter Mercer (Editor)

September issue of Methodist newsletter now published

After a delay of a week, the September issue of the Methodist Newsletter has now been published and will be distributed by DPD from Thursday of this week onwards.

Drive-in services in Armagh

Rev Louise Donald (photo Denise Lappin)

On 21 June a drive-in service was held at the home of Stanley and Lorraine Livingstone at Killymaddy. The Rev Louise Donald was very pleased with the response of the members of the Armagh Circuit to support the event.  A further service was held at the home of Henry and Shirley McMullan.

September issue of the Methodist Newsletter delayed by a week

For those who were expecting the September issue of the Methodist Newsletter, unfortunately the printing has been delayed by a breakdown in the machine used for printing the magazine. It is hoped that this can be repaired this week and that printing can recommence on Friday with distribution the following week. Apologies to readers and agents. A new notification will be put up on the website next week.


August edition of the Methodist Newsletter now being distributed

The August edition of the Methodist Newsletter has been published and distribution to local agents started today. Because of the current situation it is possible that some agents may experience a delay in receiving their copies, but they should appear within the next week.