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March edition of the Methodist Newsletter

The distribution of the April issue of the Methodist Newsletter will be delayed until the present lockdown due to the coronavirus is lifted. The Management Committee apologise for this and advise that subscribers may request a PDF copy via their Newsletter Agent.

February issue of Methodist Newsletter now published

The February issue of the Methodist Newsletter has been published and available for collection.

Life here is an adventure

In the February issue of the Methodist Newsletter, Anne Hailes interviews Dr Jonny Hanson, who is Christian ecologist and helps to run Jubilee Farm a thirteen-acre farm near Larne. Jonny is concerned with creating a farm where everything works in sympathy with nature and is sustainable in the long run.

One of Jubilee Farm’s contented residents

This is a very timely article, considering the recent concerns about climate change and its potentially devastating effects on the world that God has given us to look after. And there are several other pertinent articles in this issue of the Newsletter on the same subject.

January Newsletter now published

The January 2020 has now been published and is available for collection from Edgehill.

If you want to go far, go together

A group of ladies listen to the Bible on a Proclaimer (wind-up audio Bible) in Togo.

Partnership is key to global mission, to building the kingdom, to increasing our impact. There is an African proverb that says ‘If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together’. For many years, World Mission Partnership (WMP) of the Methodist Church in Ireland and the Bible Society in Northern Ireland (BSNI) have been able to go far with our reach because we have gone together.

In the January issue of the Methodist Newsletter, Catherine Little, from BSNI, outlines how BSNI and WMP working in tandem have helped to proclaim the Good News.

In Austria, WMP is supporting a project providing Scriptures to refugees and asylum seekers. Large numbers of refugees and asylum seekers are in Austria, and the resident Bible Society along with the local church have been working hard to provide Bibles in appropriate languages for free.

In the Gulf States, a project supported by WMP supports people who find themselves far away from home. This project reaches migrant workers in Kuwait who are often illiterate or semi-literate by sharing the Good News of the Bible through storytelling.

In Togo, levels of literacy are also a key part of the Bible Society project. Together with WMP, BSNI are supplying audio Bibles in local languages so that groups of people can listen to the Bible together.

I know this is my home now – a story of adoption.

Currently almost 3,000 children and teenagers are waiting for fostering homes in Northern Ireland. Many of these children will have suffered varying forms of abuse and neglect alongside loss of normal family routine. The care system in Northern Ireland is recognised as being good, but still each of these 3,000 children deserves a place to call home; a place to know and feel love and support.

In the January issue of the Methodist Newsletter the Rev Brian Anderson describes how he and his family became an adoptive family for Colin and the joy and fulfilment that that has brought.

November issue now published

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President’s Letter
Comment – Rev Andrew Gibson
Lay Leader’s Column
Interview with Rev Jim Rea – AnneHailes …
Inter-Church News –                
Gillian Kingston..
Living faithfully in God’s World – Dr Lindsay Easson..
Doggy Tales  – Heather Boland ..
Bible reflection – Rev Des Bain…
Lectionary – Rev Donald Ker..
Thought for the Month – Rev Rosemary Lindsay..
Ed-lines –Rev Ed McDade..  

The November issue of the Methodist Newsletter has been published and is ready for collection.