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World Methodist Conference – closing worship

September 4, 2016


Closing worship

Vice-President of the World Methodist Council (WMC), Gillian Kingston, from the Methodist Church of Ireland, was one of three leading Methodists to contribute to the final service of the 21st World Methodist Conference, held in Houston, Texas. Speaking alongside Ms Kingston were Bishop Ivan M Abrahams, the General Secretary, WMC, Methodist Church of Brazil, and JC Park, President, WMC, Korean Methodist Church.

They each shared their background and experience with the Methodist Church. The WMC was described as 80 denominations, 82 million members, and 134 countries. ‘The sun never sets on the Methodist movement,’ added Ms Kingston.

They shared with the gathering their hopes and perspectives on the Methodist movement today. Memorable comments included: ‘We’ve come of age as this is the 21stConference. What better place than Houston to celebrate, one of the most diverse cities in the world.’

‘WMC has an important convening role in the Wesleyan family.’

‘There is a place at the table for everyone.’

‘Methodists can transform the world.’

‘To stay together isn’t enough, we must move into the future with our shared mission.’

‘We need to see the world as one with God and nature.’

‘Our primary calling is to be Kingdom people.’

‘God’s mission is in our hands.’

‘The local church must be the life and spiritual energy in its place.’

‘Other religions are not our enemies.’

‘We can collaborate with all groups.’

‘We must step out in faith, love and hope with Jesus.’

‘Isaiah asks us to watch for the new things that God is doing.’

‘We are a people of hope.”

‘The best is yet to be.’

‘The proclamation concluded with a shout of “Lift Off” as the Apollo launch was shown on the screen, indicating we are ready to move forward into the future together.’

The service continued with a beautiful communion liturgy as people from across the globe shared God’s table. The final hymn of ‘Victoire, Alleluia’ sent the worshippers forth to ‘make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world’.



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