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Up, up, up and away!

May 22, 2017


Up, up, up and away

The intrepid Heather sets off!


On 22 April, Heather McDade along with ten friends and family members zipped across the River Lagan at a great height in aid of Ovarian Cancer Research at Queen’s University, Belfast. When Heather had the idea a few months ago, her husband Ed reminded her how she flatly refused to stand on the glass floor at the top of the CN Tower when they were on holiday in Toronto! So why would an acrophobic like her want to be lifted to 160 feet by a crane, attached to a wire and sent across the River Lagan? 

The explanation lies in the fact that in 2013 Heather was admitted to hospital with suspected appendicitis but was given the devastating diagnosis of stage 3 ovarian cancer. Following surgery and chemotherapy she was in remission for over two years. Unfortunately, she had a recurrence last year. After a further six months of chemotherapy she was given the wonderful news in January that she was back in remission. She is so thankful to God, and grateful for the prayers and practical support of many people through those difficult months.


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