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The Great Methodist Cake Off

August 13, 2018


In the September issue of the Methodist Newsletter, Gillian McDade has a dream about a typical Methodist social gathering in which she is confronted with the usual array of sugary snacks and wakes to the realisation that providing this type of fare is probably not a good example for a physically healthy congregation.

She goes on to say that schools ask parents not to pack their children’s lunchboxes with sugar-laden items, so why doesn’t the Methodist Church establish a similar gentle, encouraging guideline? Or maybe as adults we’re supposed to know better? But do we?
Adam- and Eve-like temptation exists at fundraising events because they’re centred upon tea and cake. But as Methodist congregations, we should be encouraging others to enjoy a healthy spiritual life – and also to foster a healthy body, because the two go hand in hand. With cancer, heart disease and diabetes rates rising, it’s imperative that we act now.

We’re setting bad examples to younger generations, with the message that it’s fun and acceptable to eat unlimited cake, fresh cream, donuts and biscuits at church gatherings. Could we not swap them for healthy fruit and vegetable-based canapes and wholegrain bread sandwiches with heathy fillings and slap a ban on sweet offerings?

Is it time for a change, time for a bun Brexit?


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